New Interview – Howells Cello Concerto

New interview with Jonathan Clinch and Guy Johnston for Presto Classical. 

‘The beginning of June saw the release of an album that, for Howells devotees such as myself, seemed like Christmas had come early. The recording features the rarely-heard English Mass and richly-orchestrated versions of the iconic Collegium Regale Te Deum and Magnificat, but its crowning glory is a complete version of the Cello Concerto, an emotionally-charged work in which Howells seems to come to terms with the sudden death of his son Michael aged nine.

Hitherto existing in an incomplete form with the latter movements only sketched out, the concerto has been reconstructed by Jonathan Clinch’s sensitive scholarship and brought to life by cellist Guy Johnston. I spoke to them both about this glorious album and the relationship between the different aspects of Howells’s musical output.’

Full interview HERE

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